About Blake




Most websites have an “About” section of some form, but writing about myself is well outside my comfort area.  So, I asked my wife to ask me seven questions to answer here instead.  Here’s what she asked:








What’s your favorite movie?

It would be impossible for me to narrow this down to one, single movie.  But I guess I have to.  So…

Whom do you admire most in the world (non-relative)? 

Am I related to myself?  Just kidding.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?

Again, having difficulty with the superlatives.  I’m going to tweak this question:

What’s the best   a concert you’ve ever attended?

The Starlighters, live at Country Bob’s.

To where have you traveled that you would like to return? (Bonus: To where would you like to go next?)

Part 1: Puerto Rico

Part 2: Home

What T-shirt do you wear most frequently?

The t-shirt I have probably worn the most throughout my entire life is an orange Pearl Jam tee with a target on the front.  It’s in tatters, but I still have it.

When and how do you bond with your dog?

When I throw the ball and he brings it back?

Where and when do you like to write?

I like to write when I have a lots of time and no distractions.  So rarely.